Employees Only is a show about a group of people trying to achieve their dreams in these tough financial times while working & hanging out at a busy high end restaurant in NYC.


A lot of fun with great spirit

Awesome show. The staff is real but needs a little more diversity, like the midwestern accent! More variety of characters, show some food, mix some cocktails, maybe another street scene outside…less european accents! It’s excessive! But overall it’s a lot … Continue reading

Look forward to seeing more!

A nice reminder of why I dropped out of catering college! A great pilot, good work introducing the characters. Looking forward to seeing more.

This show is witty and fun!

The show is witty and fun, it’s a great portrayal of what so many restaurants, it’s employees & customers are really like! These stories and situations are priceless, and I can’t wait to see more episodes!!!


I am so in love with EO…more, more, more!


The Employees Only Shoot
Employees Only Shoot
The Employees Only shoot
The Employees Only shoot
Employees Only Shoot- passed out chef
The Employees Only Shoot