Employees Only is the result of the collaboration between two old friends, Tania Van Pelt, who came up with the idea and wrote and directed the script, and Ottavia Bourdain, who made shit happen. And thanks to Allen McLain, who actually had a clue of what this filming business is all about.

Despite the fact that the shoot took place in an unfinished space that looked more like a war zone than a restaurant, and despite the fact that we had zero budget, no sponsors and a very tight deadline, with the help of our wonderful cast and crew, we managed to create something. Something we hope you will enjoy.

After working in the restaurant business for years, Ottavia Bourdain is now the proud mother of a 5-year old daughter. When she’s not at home in New York she is traveling with her husband. She is an avid practitioner of Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

After working in independent film, Tania Van Pelt realized that content for an online world, online TV & web series is where the excitement and innovation is. And they have always been avenues she wanted to explore. Along with HappinessSeries.com, Employees Only is one of several web & TV based projects Tania is currently involved in.

Allen McLain brings over 12 years of filmmaking to Employees Only. Beginning his career in production at Rocky Mountain PBS, for 7 years he successfully ran Globeville Studios as CEO, a next-generation independent production facility which specializes in independent film and non-fiction video production. Allen has held almost every position in production and production management, giving him insight into both sides of the process. He currently produces work with his company Sky Theory.